We all like the feeling of accomplishment and bravado that comes with getting down and dirty, doing ‘menial’ jobs around the house. How difficult can fixing the plumbing system at home be? The tutorials on YouTube and the how-to guides online make it seem pretty simple.

While we encourage everyone to be proactive and take up such tasks as and when the need arises, we would also like to stress on the importance of a few basic guidelines. The first and likely the most important rule with plumbing (as with any type of fixing or renovation work) is to ensure that you have the right tools. Because a workman is only as good as his tools are (and skills & experience).

Then comes the nitty-gritty of plumbing do’s and don’ts. Listed below are three common mistakes that many people tend to make when undertaking plumbing tasks:

Forgetting to Turn Off the Main Water Valve

Seems pretty obvious, isn’t it? That’s what one would assume. But you would be surprised by how many people claim water damage insurance for indoor flooding reasons. The origins of some of these cases are mainly neglect.

Before you begin any type of plumbing work, it is crucial that you turn off the main water supply valve. Otherwise, you risk your home from being damaged by water, which is bound to come gushing out at full force. And then you’ll end up calling an emergency plumber on a premium rate.

Over tightening Connections

It’s all about finding the right balance. Over tightening connections such as pipes, couplings, or joints are as risky as leaving them on too loose. Everything may seem fine for a couple of days or weeks, but this common plumbing mistake is bound to result in an unfavorable state of affairs sooner or later.

Replacing Just One Part Rather Than ‘Rebuilding’ the Entire Faucet/Drain

Say you have a faulty faucet at home. The common mistake is that most people tend to replace just the single part where the trouble is. What happens here is that if the faucet’s cartridge is damaged, it is likely that its other parts are worn out too. For preventing a leaky faucet, the wiser option here is to ‘rebuild’ the entire faucet rather than just replacing the part that seems to be begging for a change.

This way, you save yourself multiple trips to the hardware store. Plus, these peripherals aren’t too expensive, so you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket by replacing all the vital parts of the faucet at one go.

And if you do end up pulling off the mistakes above or something worse, you can always contact us as we provide an emergency plumbing service in Milton Keynes.